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My Guest Post on The Backcourt Report

Social media, specifically Twitter, has been instrumental in the success of RL Wealth Management. It may come as a surprise, but the impact on my firm has not been attracting clients, but it has been the opportunity to connect with other like-minded advisors across the country. As a solo advisor, being able to network with advisors helping change the landscape of the financial services industry is invaluable–the ideas exchanged and conversations I’ve had would have never occurred without it, and I’m a better advisor because of it.

It has also provided me the opportunity to write a guest post for the guys over at the Backcourt Report. In my guest post I addressed the real value of a financial advisor.

When I started RLWM I wanted to create a firm focused on my clients and structure it to bring value to their lives. Two years in, I’m constantly asking myself how I’m providing value to my clients and what can I do to provide more. I address my own questions on The Backcourt Report, which you can find below. I hope you enjoy!

The Backcourt Report: The Real Value of a Financial Advisor


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