Weekly Mixtape for July 21st, 2017


Every Friday I’ll be releasing my own compilation, a mixtape if you will, of blog posts from the week I think are worth your time.

The weeks continue to fly by, and I’m making sure to enjoy each day, regardless of what it might bring. How are you tackling each day?

This week ended with a little bit of excitement out of Washington D.C., but you won’t find anything about it here. There are plenty of other outlets for that. This week’s mixtape covers everything from ETFs to cryptocurrency to the value of financial advisors–it’s an eclectic mix, but one I’m excited to share. Hope you enjoy!

International Business Times: What Are ETFs? Why Most Millennials are Investing in Exchange-Traded Funds As more and more Millennials begin to dip their toes in the investment world, which I’m excited to see, I’m getting more questions about ETFs. This is a great introduction to ETFs, along with the positives for all investors, especially Millennials.

Pragmatic Capitalism: Are ETFs and Index Funds More Dangerous in a Bear Market? As a follow up to the first link, this is another post about ETFs (and Index Funds) discussing the active management world’s misguided concerns regarding ETFs. I didn’t implement ETF’s with my clients until I started RLWM because of my previous firms misunderstanding of how they work and misinformation leading to fears that are unwarranted. ETFs have become a big part of my practice, especially in the portfolios in my WealthFusion™ program for Millennials.

The Reformed Broker: I Bought My First Bitcoin If you have not heard of cryptocurrency, I’m sure you will soon enough; these digital currencies are becoming more popular, measured by the number of non-financial individuals I see/hear discussing them. In this post, JB discusses his experience purchasing his first cryptocurrency–Bitcoin. Much like Josh, I purchased some Litecoin a few weeks ago to help me better understand the phenomenon; as of right now, I can honestly say I have just scratched the surface of understanding Blockchain and cryptocurrency. So it should go without saying this is not a recommendation to purchase any of the cryptocurrencies.

The Backcourt Report: The Real Value of a Financial Advisor  I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for fellas over at The Backcourt Report, and I wanted to include the link to their blog because they are putting out some good content. Plus, I wanted to put them on your radar.

All About Your Benjamins: A New Breed of Advisors This is actually a link to another post over on The Reformed Broker, but I wanted to share my two cents on the topic too.

The James Altucher Show: Episode 238 Ryan Holiday I’ve included a podcast with one of my favorite authors, Ryan Holiday this week. If you follow me on social media you’ve seen me mention Ego is the EnemyThe Obstacle is the Way, and The Daily Stoic,, and my appreciation for them. I’m currently reading Holiday’s newest release, Perennial Sellers, and I’m really enjoying it–I’m only 100 pages in, and I’ve already started a couple of blog posts about some of the ideas he presents. In this podcast James and Ryan discuss the new book, and while it is written for authors, musicians and creative minds, I think the concept of creating perennial sellers can be applied to most things in life, creating a fulfilling life–one could call it a perennial life.

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