Weekly Mixtape For April 28th, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The New York Times: Korean Set The Table For A Deal Trump Will Try To Close

The Wall Street Journal: Growth Cooled In First Quarter As Consumers Reined In Spending

The Wall Street Journal: Wells Fargo’s 401(k) Practices Probed By Department Of Labor


What Works On Wall Street: How To Arbitrage Human Nature “But while we humans passionately believe that our own current circumstances are somehow unique, not much has really changed since the inarguably brilliant Isaac Newton lost a fortune in the South Sea Trading Company bubble of 1720.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Precision “We cannot chart the future with precision, so the best and most important thing we should concern ourselves with is getting the big things right.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: 50 Ways The World Is Getting Better The combination of the negativity and availability bias makes it easy to assume the world is getting worse on a daily basis. It feels as if we’re now taking one step forward and two steps back. In reality, this is the greatest time in history to be alive.”

The Reformed Broker: We Only Get To Experience One Version Of Reality “We cannot predict what is going to happen, but we absolutely can gain a good sense of how we’d respond to different outcomes. And then we can make our own plans accordingly. In some versions, we will experience some regret and in others, we won’t.”

The Financial Bodyguard: I’ll Tell You What She Wants, What She Really, Really Wants “In our experience when working with couples, whilst it might be the male partner who initiates the initial contact with us, the journey on which we embark with new clients is one in which both partners fully participate.  We believe that our job is to be there to help and guide the whole family, not just the husband.”

Barry Ritholtz via Bloomberg: How To Avoid A Retirement Disaster “If those GE employees had created a long-term financial plan, I believe it would have been obvious to most if not all that they were taking on more risk than was necessary to achieve those goals.”

Independent Thought: Key To Financial Success- Avoiding Stupidity

Of Dollars And Data: Be Careful What You Choose “It illustrates how once you make a selection, your preferences change to prefer that selection in the future.”

All About Your Benjamins: Whiteboard Series- Backdoor Roth IRA

All About Your Benjamins: Stocktoberfest East 2018

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