Weekly Mixtape for August 25th, 2017

Every Friday I’ll be releasing my own compilation, a mixtape if you will, of blog posts from the week I think are worth your time.

It’s been a busy week as I prepare to head to Dallas next week for #XYPN17, which is the annual conference put on by the XY Planning Network. I’ll be Tweeting, IG’ing, and blogging from the conference, so be sure to follow along to learn what advisors are doing and talking about regarding working with Millennials. I’m really excited to get down there and connect with my peers.

With that being said, I still need to wrap up the week of work, pack, get the house in good shape so that’s one less thing my wife has to worry about, and hang with the family–so this week’s mixtape will be short of my words, but full off good content. Oh, and here’s a pic of Roman and Leo at the Indiana State Fair last weekend. 

Hope you enjoy!

Jason Zweig via The Wall Street Journal: The 19 Questions to Ask Your Financial Adviser  Great list–I only disagree with a couple of Jason’s recommended answers.

Morgan Housel via Collaborative Fund: What I Learned in the Last Year Although Morgan is discussing what he has learned in Venture Capitalism, an area most of us will never venture into, there are some pieces that apply to life in general. My favorite is “start at ‘no’ and work to ‘yes’, not the other way around”. That statement can be applied to so many decisions we have to make in life, and can help us make better decisions overall.

Dan Egan: Change the Portfolio, or Change the Investor While Dan’s piece is written more for the financial advisor/investment management crowd, clients can read it an understand it. If you’re a financial advisor, make sure to read this and re-evaluate the way you position the portfolio in your meetings with clients–the importance of our profession is becoming more about the planning, than it is investment management. If you are a client, read this so you can understand why your financial advisor views your portfolio is a different light than you might. This is just a great piece for everyone!

The Los Angeles Times: Millennials Are Spending Big on Trendy Places to Sweat Another Millennial stereotype I fit into…my wife and I shell out a decent amount of our monthly budget to our CrossFit gyms, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s nothing wrong with spending money on your health–it’s been my experience those spending higher dollar amounts on gym memberships show up and get their money’s worth, rather than letting the $25 a month get deducted every month and never going to the gym. If health and fitness is a priority, make room for it in your budget and enjoy your sweat!

All About Your Benjamins: It’s Not (Totally) Your Fault You’re A Bad Investor This post compliments Dan Egan’s post–I discuss a few of the common issues investors have to overcome when managing their portfolios.


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