Weekly Mixtape For December 16th, 2017

The Reformed Broker: A Twist “Right now, there is a very high correlation between the price of Bitcoin and the amount of new accounts being opened on the Coinbase platform. As the new accounts have skyrocketed to north of 13 million or so, the price of a BTC has shot up along with it.”

Pragmatic Capitalism: IFGAF > FOMO  “Financial management is about setting your own personal goals and then enacting a plan that will help you get there.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Best Idea Wins “This is why it’s important for investors and businesses alike to diversify their idea generation through a diversity of opinions.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Lessons From the General “Failure is a far better teacher than success because it’s much easier to duplicate failure than it is to replicate success.”

Morgan Housel via Collaborative Fund: Solving Hard Problems With Simple Ideas “Most important is accepting that when you’re dealing with uncertainty and complexity, simple ideas are not dumbed-down ideas. They are often complex solutions gift wrapped for you in a way that makes their application practical and sustainable.”

Of Dollars and Data: The Double-Edged Sword “Their initial success boosts their confidence and they continue their risky investment behavior. While some of them will wise up and diversify after getting rich, many won’t and will pay the price as a result. The very thing that made them rich (i.e. taking big risks) leads to their downfall.”


More on tax reform:

The New York Times: What’s In The Final Republican Tax Bill

More on net neutrality:

AEIdeas: America Needs Superfast Internet…

Adam Levine-Weinberg via The Motley Fool: Why We Could All Be Doomed To Internet Slow Lanes

Jamal Carnetter via The Motley Fool: The Case For Net Neutrality Repeal

This also happened this week….ridiculous!!!


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