Weekly Mixtape for December 23rd, 2017


Morgan Housel via Collaborative Wealth: The Greatest Story Ever Told–it’s long but well worth the time. A must read!!

Brendan Mullooly: Investors Are Like Gardners, Not Carpenters As investors, we crave the controlled, certain, and precise nature of the carpenter’s work, but reality hands us the messy gardener’s circumstances instead. Successful investors realize this, and learn to not let perfect become the enemy of good enough.”

A Wealth of Common Sense: Seeing Both Sides “The best we can do is think in terms of a huge distribution of outcomes and approach the markets with an understanding that no one has it all figured out. This isn’t the answer most investors are looking for but that’s the reality.”

Robin Powell: Have a Plan But Be Prepared To Change It “Yes, you must have a plan. But you also need the flexibility to tweak the plan as your circumstances — and your personal wants and needs — inevitably change.”

Flirting with Models: Value 2.0 “In our opinion, splitting the world into growth and value leads to very confused index definitions.”

Lawrence Hamtil via Fortune Financial–this is a top 10 of his 2017 posts. Lawrence doesn’t get the publicity he deserves, but something tells me that’s going to change in 2018.

All About Your Benjamins: Don’t Let Their Conviction Fool You


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