Weekly Mixtape For April 11th, 2021

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Sizzling Stock Market Sets High Bar for Earnings Season

The WSJ: Fed Minutes Show Expectations for Stronger Economic Recovery

The WSJ: Workers Slowly Pull Away From Jobless Benefits as Economy Picks Up

The WSJ: GM to Halt Production at Several North American Plants Due to Chip Shortage

The WSJ: Coinbase’s Lofty Valuation Might Erode as Crypto Markets Mature

The WSJ: Rapper DMX Dies at 50

Weekly Mixtape


Morgan Housel: The Biggest Lessons Of The Last Year “Big risks are easy to overlook because they’re just a chain reaction of small events, each of which is easy to shrug off. A bunch of mundane things happen at the right time, in the right order, and multiply into an event that might look impossible if you only view the final outcome in isolation. Math is hard, but exponential math is deceiving.”

Calibrating Capital: The Best Use Of Money I’ve Ever Spent “But I also recognize that we can make excuses for why we don’t do things. And I don’t personally want to hide behind those excuses.”

Michael Baker: Investor: Know Thyself “The truth is that we may or may not know ourselves as well as we think. Sometimes, our thoughts and beliefs about money are buried deep within our subconscious. Throughout our lives, especially in our early years, we are constantly creating, shaping, and absorbing ideas about money.”

Ryan Krueger: Capitalism’s Greatest Dividend Is Solving Problems “Capitalism is not without its own problems, of greed. But those few companies and people do not stand the test of time. Because if you’re not humble, the markets can take care of that for you also. Any isolated bad is completely overwhelmed by more good. Capitalism’s unmatched track record anywhere in this planet’s history, solves the biggest problems for the largest number of people, for good.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Can The Stock Market Crash During An Economic Boom? “There is one caveat that may apply with today’s environment though. While it’s rare for the stock market to fall during a booming economy, it’s also rare for the stock market to boom in the midst of a nasty recession like it did in 2020.’

Brian Plain: What We Can Learn From A Teenage Pop Star “I think the simple answer is that becoming less transparent can be the default. As we get older, life becomes more complex and the more complex life gets, the less time we have/make for self-evaluation. In the absence of self-evaluation, we take the shortcut of absorbing our social and financial norms from the people around us.”

Cathy Curtis: Contrary To Popular Opinion, You Were NOT Born To Shop “Therefore, you need to adopt a “me vs. them” mentality when it comes to kicking your shopping habit. In other words, before you open your wallet to buy something, stop and think: Do I want “them” to have my money, or do I want “me” to have my money? The person on the other side of the cash register certainly doesn’t know if you can afford the item you are about to purchase—nor do they care.”

Elliott Appel: Saving For Nothing “It is okay to save and invest extra money each month not intended for retirement, a new home, or your next vacation. You can save and invest because you acknowledge you already have not thought of everything.”

Thomas Kopelman: A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish “You don’t just wake up one day and all of a sudden every goal is funded and accomplished. The only way to get there is by creating a plan. Sure, that plan may need to be changed and modified all the time, but that’s okay.”

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