Weekly Mixtape For August 14th, 2022

The headlines that may or may not be impacting your financial plan and portfolio.”

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CNBC.com: Consumer Prices Rose 8.5% In July, Less Than Expected As Inflation Pressures Ease A Bit

The WSJ: July Jobs Report: U.S. Added 528,000 New Jobs as Unemployment Rate Fell to 3.5%

The WSJ: FBI Recovered 11 Sets of Classified Documents in Trump Search, Inventory Shows

The WSJ: Advertising Slowdown Spreads Beyond Tech Giants to Hit TV Networks, Publishers

The WSJ: Consumers Are Still Spending on Fun

Stephanie Bogan on Twitter: “My favorite life change with financial freedom…No alarm clocks. In hindsight its clear how barbaric a practice this is. / Twitter”

My favorite life change with financial freedom…No alarm clocks. In hindsight its clear how barbaric a practice this is.

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Rare Skills “We are all prisoners to our past, products of our generation, and influenced by who we’ve met and what we’ve experienced, most of which has been out of our control. Some are worse than others, and some are more aware of their blindspots. But everyone has a firmly held belief that an equally smart and informed person disagrees with.

Dr. Joy Lere: Crossed Wires “You’ve missed the mark if you hear someone’s words but fail to connect what is coming through your ears to your head, hands, and heart. 

Dr. Phil Pearlman: Three Years And A Day “Alcohol is much worse than people acknowledge. It’s terrible for our health whether we have lost things directly or not.

Jared Dillian: Maintaining Relationships “I think that maintaining relationships is a habit of highly effective people. But people come and go in your life. The friends you have today are probably not going to be the friends you have ten years from now.

Young Money: 1+1=3 “What I could do, however, was weave a different narrative so compelling that neither my alma mater nor employer would matter all that much in the first place.

Darius Foroux: It’s Time To Rethink Retirement “Finally, Okinawans don’t have a word for retirement. It doesn’t exist for them. Instead, they have “Ikigai.” Which means “reason for being.” They tend to remain active and avoid becoming passive.

The Irrelevant Investor: What Moves Markets? “In the short term, the market is all about positioning and expectations. Things can sell off on great news if expectations are too high and they can rally on terrible news if expectations are too low. It’s not about good or bad, it’s about better or worse.

Humble Dollar: What They Believed “Here are six financial opinions that were then widespread—but have since fallen by the wayside:

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