Weekly Mixtape For August 18th, 2019

Week in Review Articles:

The WSJ: Dow Sheds 800 in Biggest Drop of Year

The WSJ: Argentine Peso Dives After Populist Peronists Gain Edge in Vote

The WSJ: U.S. Shoppers Splurge in Face of Global Headwinds

The WSJ: Trade Jitters Dent Consumer Sentiment

The WSJ: U.S. Stocks Rise but Notch Modest Weekly Loss



Morgan Housel: The Laws Of Investing “And it’s painfully easy to overlook because savings is simple and takes work, while investing is exciting and can give the impression of effortlessness. Savings can be more valuable than investment returns because they’re more in your control.”

Ashby Daniels: What’s Really Going On In The Stock Market “Given how easy it is to find overly pessimistic viewpoints, I thought I’d share some alternative – more positive – perspectives all grounded in data that are a bit harder to find via the traditional media outlets. This data comes from sources that I believe to be overly reliable.”

Douglas Boneparth: Commit To Something “When corporations fail to align themselves with the demands of today’s young workforce (i.e. paid family leave, work from home and equal pay) we have no problem taking our talents elsewhere. If there’s nowhere to go, we start own businesses and let the free market price our talents accordingly. We continue to create and leverage the systems and technologies that allow us to do it because we can and because we are willing to compete for something better. We will keep doing it until things change for good.”

The Belle Curve: Selloffs, Trade Wars, Yield Curve Inversions…Oh My! “You might not like what I have to say, but sometimes the medicine doesn’t taste good. If you have a real financial plan, and your investment strategy is thoughtfully aligned with that plan, you should do nothing. If the news makes you nervous or puts you in a down mood, turn it off for a minute. I don’t know if the next bear market starts this week, next month, next year, or next decade, but I know it is coming. Any financial plan worth the paper it is printed on models the impact of regular, periodic market declines.”

Calibrating Capital: Defining The Why Of Investing Before The How Or What “Each one of us has a finite amount of wealth, whether we measure that by our income or assets, and an infinite amount of options how to use that wealth. This is the very definition of financial planning: the ongoing allocation of limited resources towards unlimited opportunities. When making investing decisions, it’s crucial to evaluate Why we want to invest, because knowing the answer to the Why helps set the context and eventual direction for the How and What”

Bps and Pieces: Investing Lessons From Three Weeks Of Fatherhood For first-time parents, that initial night at home is uncharted territory. We over scrutinize every noise the baby makes. We worry that we don’t know what the heck we’re doing. Eventually, you figure it out, but not without the sage counsel of family and friends that have been around the block before. For many people, investing is unfamiliar and intimidating terrain. Having a trusted advisor that can help make sense of everything and keep the ship steady during turbulent times can be invaluable.

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Learning To Embrace the Chaos & The End Of History Illusion It’s true, things can be hectic at times but I enjoy it. There’s a constant stream of laughing, yelling, playing, screaming, crying and cajoling of my kids but I love the chaos. I can’t imagine what life would be like without it. My wife and I often joke that we can’t even remember what we used to do with all our free time before having kids. I enjoy having my hands full, which is not something younger me would believe.”

Abnormal Returns: Conspicuous Consumption And The Spotlight Effect “What you don’t want to happen is end up living your life in pursuit of the approval of other people, whether they be family, friends or neighbors. Unfortunately, this happens far too often than we care to think.”

All About Your Benjamins: The Yield Curve Has Inverted–What Do You Do With This Information?

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