Weekly Mixtape For August 25th, 2018

Week In Review Articles: (Heavy on the WSJ links, sorry.)

The WSJ: Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty, Says Trump Told Him to Pay Off Women.

The WSJ: Paul Manafort Convicted of Eight Counts of Fraud

The WSJ: S&P 500 Closes at New High

The WSJ: Greek Bailout Ends, but Underlying Problems Remain

The WSJ: A Surprising Bulwark for the U.S. Economy: The Personal Saving Rate

CNBC: JP Morgan To Unveil New Investing App With An Eye-Catching, Disruptive Price: Free


The Reformed Broker: A Portfolio Is Not A Plan “If you can’t control yourself in the presence of news, data, opinion, regulatory changes and volatility – and know what’s important and what isn’t – then it really doesn’t matter how many basis points you’re paying for your portfolio, does it?”

Fervent Finance: The Rich and Their Money “While I don’t think its healthy to obsess over your net worth, I don’t think folks should feel bad for thinking about it. It doesn’t automatically mean you are shallow. With all the power that wealth has, it can be hard not to think about it from time to time.”

Tim Mullooly: Lessons From The New York Mets “Garbage in, garbage out. If you take shortcuts when constructing your financial plan, your financial plan will most likely fall short.”

Jason Zweig: No, Stocks Aren’t Cheap, But Don’t Act Rashly “Yes, 2018 is full of uncertainty and teeming with hazards that might make the stock market crash. So was 2017. So were 2016, 2015, 2014—and every year since stockbrokers first gathered in New York in the early 1790s.”

Abnormal Returns: Change Is Difficult ” People ARE crazy. One of the main findings from behavioral economics is that it is really difficult to change people’s minds (and behavior).”

Barry Ritholtz: Don’t Bet on a Market Crash If Trump Gets Ousted “The short answer: Truly unanticipated events — think Pearl Harbor, Sept. 11 or John F. Kennedy’s assassination — cause markets to temporarily wobble under the strain of the emotional shock. Once that subsides in a few days or weeks, markets then resume their prior trends.”

David Perrell: Eric Jorgenson: Short Term Catchy, Long Term Sticky “In career-stage terms, there are two distinct phases we alternate between throughout our careers: “Explore” and “Exploit.” Find your niche, dominate it. Redefine your niche, dominate that. Repeat.”

All About Your Benjamins: Chase’s New Trading App: Gift or Curse?

All About Your Benjamins: This Type Of Thing Happens All The Time

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