Weekly Mixtape For December 12th, 2021

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Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S. Inflation Hit a 39-Year High in November

The WSJ: High Inflation, Falling Unemployment Prompted Powell’s Fed Pivot

The WSJ: Stocks Finish Higher After Inflation Nears 40-Year High

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Assured Misery “Everyone’s dealing with problems they don’t advertise, at least until you get to know them well. Keep that in mind and you become less envious and more forgiving – to yourself and others.”

The Reformed Broker: The Volatility Is The Point “By acting as though there’s something wrong or risible about another investor enduring a drawdown, you demonstrate to everyone watching that you truly don’t understand the nature of investing. You don’t grasp that returns only come to those who are willing to bear that volatility when others won’t.”

More To That: The Many Worlds Of Enough “The problem, however, is that this future self is a projection of your present-day desires. When you’re defining what enough means, you’re effectively saying, “Given what I want today, I just need this much more of it to be satisfied in the future.” But how plausible is it that what you want today will remain unchanged as you march onward to your goal?”

Chris Guillebeau: Always Ask For What You Want: A Lesson In Asymmetrical Risk “If you’re looking for a way to level-up your life, start taking more of these risks. You can do so right now, today, by identifying disproportionate opportunities in your life.’

The Irrelevant Investor: We Built A Crypto Index “Today, the RWM WisdomTree Crypto Index is only available for Ritholtz Wealth Management clients using separately managed accounts on Gemini. Onramp is working hard to bring this index to financial advisors across the country. They are also busting their hump to open this up to individual investors who don’t work directly with an advisor”

A Teachable Moment: You May Love Your Work But It Doesn’t Love Your Back “External events have a toxic way of appearing during inopportune moments. Despite our hubris, we’re all terminal patients. Sacrificing precious moments with friends and family is a dangerous gamble.You may love your work, but it doesn’t love you back.”

Elliott Appel: Are You Outcome-Focused? “If it is boring, repeatable, and requires consistency, it probably won’t grab your attention. At the same time, those are the stories we should be listening to because they are normally process-focused people sharing a strategy that will work most of the time. “

Humble Dollar: Home Alone “But my year as a FIRE poster child is drawing to a close. I’ll most likely be working fulltime again by early 2022. It won’t be in energy trading or managing a portfolio. Instead, I’ll be doing what I think I do best—writing about investments and communicating financial issues.”

The WSJ: Workers Quite Jobs In Droves To Become Their Own Bosses “The pandemic has unleashed a historic burst in entrepreneurship and self-employment. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are striking out on their own as consultants, retailers and small-business owners.”


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