Weekly Mixtape For December 1st, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: George H.W. Bush, America’s 41st President and Father of 43rd, Dies

The WSJ: U.S., China Explore Deal as Leaders Meet at G-20 Summit

The WSJ: Fed Chairman’s Remarks Spark Market Rally / The WSJ: Fed Minutes Signal December Rate Increase Likely, But Less Certain Path Next Year

The WSJ: Oil Suffers Worst Monthly Drop Since 2008

The WSJ: Home-Price Gains Continue to Slow in September

The WSJ: U.S. Consumers Step Up Spending to Start Fourth Quarter


The New York Times: We Went To A Steak Dinner Annuity Pitch. The Salesman Wasn’t Pleased“When you do reinvest dividends, that basket of stocks does 33.72 percent better than the annuity.”

The Belle Curve: Money Scripts ” If we take the time to explore our money scripts – those deeply embedded unconscious beliefs – we may find the path to avoiding the pitfalls and problems that money can bring.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Biggest Myth In Retirement Savings “Many are nostalgic for an era where employers took care of their employees in retirement but it’s possible that era was never as rosy as people make it out to be.”

The Financial Bodyguard: Change Almost Always Comes As A Surprise “There’s a reason why so many evidence-based investors comment that diversification is the only free lunch. Taking big bets on which country will be the top performing in any year is a futile enough pursuit, let alone trying to second guess which individual stocks will beat the market”

Morgan Housel: Selfish Writing “The takeaway for voracious readers is that you can discover new perspectives and new context by writing yourself.”

Jason Zweig: On Writing Better: Getting Started “Instead of trying to sound distinctive, just sound like you.  Your style is yourself; how you write is who you are.”

The Reformed Broker: One Year Later “Younger investors will not have the frame of reference in order to contain their enthusiasm and older investors will force themselves to forget about manias past, overpowered by greed and a desperation to not be left behind – I’m not sure which of these two things exerts the most influence, but both are incredibly potent.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Ridiculous Outcomes ” It’s like saying that food is bad for you. Generalizations like this often lead to ridiculous outcomes.”

Pragmatic Capital: John Bogle Is Wrong About Index Funds “It takes an unusually stupid person to disagree with John Bogle so I’m happy to announce that you’re reading that unusually stupid person.”

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