Weekly Mixtape For February 23rd, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

WSJ: Trump Eases Off Hard Deadline for China Tariffs

WSJ: History Shows Rebound May Have More Legs as Dow Extends Rally

WSJ: Key Brands Pay Price of Kraft Heinz Cost-Cutting


The Basis Point: Self Worth Vss. Financial Worth–Notes From A Zen Workaholic “This means self worth will become even more tied to financial worth in all of our minds. We’re told all the time to crush everything we do eight days a week, and all we see is people bragging about this. It gets in all our heads, and it makes us think financial worth is the driver of self worth.”

Humble Dollar: Eight Questions “When you ponder these questions, you realize that there are two things that are far more important than money: time and people.”

Morgan Housel: Different Kinds Of Stupid “Smart is the ability to solve hard problems, which can be done many ways. Stupid is a tendency to not comprehend easy problems. It’s also is a diversified trait.”

Douglas Boneparth: Collaborative Fun “After all, financial planning is a collaborative process. It’s how the collection and analysis of data turns into actionable advice. It’s how individuals are taken from the void of not knowing to gaining control of their financial lives.”

The Reformed Broker: Quarterly Letter “One other great reason to abandon the anachronism of these letters is that they inadvertently draw an undue amount of attention to something that ought not matter very much – the 90-day period. A quarter’s worth of gains or losses should be treated with all of the import of a pebble skipped across a pond. Professionals applying any greater meaning to a timeframe this short are doing those investors a great disservice, and are probably building an unsustainable business and service model for their funds or their firms”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Edges That Won’t Go AwayShrugging your shoulders at those situations to avoid FOMO is an edge few have in the markets.”

Epsilon Theory: C.A.F“If you work directly with clients, this conflict between doing what is in a client’s comfort zone and doing what you think would produce the best possible expected investment outcome for that client is the single hardest part of your job. If you are doing your job right, it’s the thing you will think about the most, that you will struggle with the most. ‘

Of Dollars And Data: How To Invest A Lump Sum “Lastly, you only get one life to live.  Time is your most important asset as a person and as an investor.  Don’t waste it on the sidelines.  I hope this post was useful to you (or your clients, if you’re an advisor).”

Fervent Finance: Buying A House Sucks ” Now I’ve never owned any real estate, and therefore never sold any real estate, so I’m going to be explaining from the buyer’s perspective why this process sucks.”

Stephen Nelson: The Game Is Different “Reading and increasing your knowledge about financial topics is great and figuring out how to allocate your resources efficiently is important, but we can gloss over the most important fact that it doesn’t matter what you know in a clean environment out of sample case, what matters is what you do when you’re playing the game and things get chaotic.”

Aaron Klein: How I’ve Made Email My Secret Weapon “And yet, I get to Inbox Zero anywhere between 1–3x a week.”

All About Your Benjamins: Why I’m Letting My CIMA® Designation Lapse

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