Weekly Mixtape For January 23rd, 2022

No Week In Review Articles This Week


Morgan Housel: Casualties Of Your Own Success “The second is size is associated with success, success is associated with hubris, and hubris is the beginning of the end of success.”

The Reformed Broker: The Rules “My best guess is that, yes, we will go past the 20 percent threshold into a bear market for the Nasdaq Composite. But in a 14 and change percent drawdown already, that extra 6 percent or so won’t make much of a difference at this point.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Is This the End of the Go-Go Years? “There is never a single reason for the stock market or any particular sector of the stock market to get killed. It would be crazy to assume inflation, rising rates and the Fed’s potential rate hikes aren’t having an impact on growth stocks right now. But it’s also possible the biggest reason these stocks are getting creamed is due to the fact that these companies went on an insane run and became wildly overvalued.”

Taylor Pearson: Welcome To Extremistan. Don’t Be A Turkey. “We make a lot of our life decisions under the belief that we are living in Mediocristan. We are not. Your career is not. Your business is not. They all live in Extremistan and adapting to that model isn’t just a competitive advantage, it’s necessary for survival.”

William Bernstein: A Day To Remember “Over the past four decades, I’ve learned that the prime prerequisite for a successful portfolio is that it survives. “

The Reformed Broker: Use It “No one should have an allocation that keeps them from sleeping with the S&P 500 only a few percent off an all-time high. No one should individual positions so large they cause a loss of appetite or an obsession with logging in to a brokerage account.”

Darius Foroux: We Fear The Known, Not Uncertainty “How can you really fear something you don’t know? The problem is that we think we know. And that’s true. Because you can definitely be afraid of what you think you know.”

Khe Hy: The Crushing Weight Of Expectations “Unreasonable expectations are the ultimate joy killer.”

The Pursuit On All About Your Benjamins: Ramblings On Why and Time

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