Weekly Mixtape For January 26th, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Trump Signs Spending Bill, Ending Longest Government Shutdown In U.S. History

The WSJ: U.S. Stocks End the Week With Gains

The WSJ: Fed Officials Weigh Earlier-Than-Expected End To Bond Portfolio Runoff

The WSJ: China’s Annual Economic Growth Rate Is Slowest Since 1990

The WSJ: Home Sales Dropped in December; Price Increases Slowed

The WSJ: No Pay Stub? No Problem. Unconventional Mortgages Make A Comeback

The WSJ: Investors’ Dash for Cash Adds to Stock Market’s Vulnerability


A Wealth Of Common Sense: How To Be Memorable “Contrarianism has its limits but it’s important to figure out how to stand out from the crowd because research shows audiences will forget something like 90% of what you communicate to them.”

Morgan Housel: The Biggest Returns “There are investors who grind 80 hours a week to add 10 basis points to their returns when there are two or three full percentage points of lifestyle bloat in their finances that can be exploited with less effort”

Bob Seawright: Worried Faces “Investing requires elements of being both a player, a coach, and a fan. When markets are turbulent, as they were (especially) in December, there are many investors with worried faces and with cortisol coursing through them in abundance. Lots of people seem to think that “this is a perfect time to panic.””

The Reformed Broker: Double Your Money “Or you could get lucky, and have a terrible market environment as you’re putting your first decade’s worth of savings to work, followed by an enduring bull market over subsequent decades, which would be the best case scenario.”

Brendan Mullooly: The Contrast Effect: Making The Same Things Feel Different “This is part of what makes successful investing so tough. The same portfolio balance can simultaneously please and disappoint us. Then we have to balance those conflicting emotions and decide how to proceed. No wonder things get messy.”

The Irrelevant Investor: In Or Out “This is a question that ought to be eliminated from the investor lexicon. Healthy investing, like everything else, is all about moderation. Take Obi Wan’s advice, “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.””

Of Dollars And Data: Fickle Fortune “We tend to ignore how often luck changes in our lives and end up extrapolating out our most recent experiences.  This explains how one negative event can lead to fear and one positive event can lead to greed.  The truth is usually somewhere in the middle, but people and markets don’t behave this way.”

Meb Faber: The Stay Rich Portfolio “The portfolio that helps you get rich isn’t necessarily the portfolio that’s going to help you remain rich.”

The WSJ: When Charlie Munger Calls, Listen and Learn

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