Weekly Mixtape For January 31st, 2021


The WSJ: Keith Gill Drove the GameStop Reddit Mania. He Talked to the Journal.

The WSJ: U.S. Economy Shrank in 2020 Despite Fourth-Quarter Growth

The WSJ: Janet Yellen Confirmed by Senate to Serve as First Female Treasury Secretary

The WSJ: GM to Phase Out Gas- and Diesel-Powered Vehicles by 2035

Morgan Housel: Why It’s Usually Crazier Than You Expect “Find a feedback loop and you will find people who underestimate how crazy prices can get, how famous a person can become, how hard it can be to change people’s minds, how irreparable a reputation can be, and how tiny events can compound into something huge. They take small trends and turn them into big trends with unforeseen momentum. And they happen in every field.”

Michael Baker: Muscle Memory–Train Yourself To Endure “I shouldn’t have to tell you that I aced that swimming test the next summer. What’s interesting is that I spent more time playing basketball than I did in the water that year. It’s weird how our goals and priorities may shift over time. That’s ok. What matters is that we always pursue them with tenacity, discipline, and excellence.”

Brian Plain: The Story We Tell Ourselves “Our lives tend to improve when we make our stories about who we want to be and not about who we used to be.”

Elliott Appel: The Economic vs. Emotional Side of Every Financial Decision – Why It’s Okay to Not Always Choose the “Smart” Financial Decision ” Our emotions play into our financial decisions, and it is wise to be mindful of how they influence them in order to make better decisions for ourselves. “

The Irrelevant Investor: Is This Legal? “When Wall Streeters take advantage of the system, it’s called capitalism, but when outsiders do it, it’s called manipulation.”

Jason Zweig: The Real Force Driving The GameStop Revolution “For all the hyperventilating over this week’s financial revolution, though, investors should regard it as the latest phase in a long evolution—and unlikely to disrupt markets overall.”

Thomas Kopelman: Federal Student Loan Forbearance Extended “At this point we do not know for sure whether this bill will be passed, but as of now, federal student loan payments are suspended until the end of September 2021.”

All About Your Benjamins: Ben Carlson and Saving For Retirement

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: The Pursuit–Less Is More

YouTube video about GameStop

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