Weekly Mixtape For July 10th, 2022

The headlines that may or may not be impacting your financial plan and portfolio.”

More Jobs, Inflation Influence, Oil Down, Musk Bails On Twitter, and Minion Buzz

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Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S. Added 372,000 Jobs In June

CNBC.com: Here’s Where The Jobs Are For June 2022–In One Chart

The WSJ: Inflation Fears Drove Larger Fed Rate Increases In June

The WSJ: Oil Prices Pulled Lower By Dimming Demand

CNBC.com: Another Hot Inflation Report And The Start Of Earnings Season Make For A Challenging Week Ahead

The WSJ: Elon Musk Seeks To Abandon $44 Billion Twitter Deal

The WSJ: Gru Brings Families Back To Movie Theaters

jckbtchr 〰 on Twitter: “when accusing someone of being detached from reality, is it not true that the only reality you can confidently say they are detached from is yours? / Twitter”

when accusing someone of being detached from reality, is it not true that the only reality you can confidently say they are detached from is yours?

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Lifestyles “Last year I had dinner with a financial advisor who has a client that gets angry when hearing about portfolio returns or benchmarks. None of that matters to the client; All he cares about is whether he has enough money to keep traveling with his wife. That’s his sole benchmark.

Dr. Joy Lere: The Summer Of A Thousand Goodbyes “Transitions are not my favorite thing. I’ve been forced to become agile, but I don’t always love it. I find moving hellacious. As I brace for relocation, I tend to go through a grief process that includes sorrow and rage. Each time my address changes, I’m leaving a lot behind. I look at my life in boxes and my heart aches. Still, I’ve come to appreciate that’s a good sign.

Dr. Phil Pearlman: Elements Of Successful Progression “With health and fitness especially, most quick fixes are not real and behaviorally, they are terrible, as they prevent intrinsic motivation and identity development.

A Wealth Of Common Sense: What Should Long-Term Investors Buy During A Bear Market? “You will never hit the cover off the ball with a diversified strategy but you will always end up on the winning team. Owning the market, by definition, means you will own the winners, even if you don’t know what they will be in advance.

Of Dollars And Data: In Defense Of Dollar Cost Averaging “Don’t fear though, because I am here to defend dollar cost averaging as the greatest investment approach ever invented for the individual investor. How so? Because I’m going to show you how it held up during one of the worsts period in U.S. stock market history—the mid 1960s to the early 1980s. And if it worked there, it can work anywhere. Let’s dig in.

Jared Dillian: Ambition “Ambition is a good thing. Sometimes I will recommend someone for a job. Inevitably I tell them: if you want to hire someone who is smart and ambitious, don’t be surprised if they turn out to be smart and ambitious. Ambition is good, but ambitious people can upset an organization.

All About Your Benjamins: Talking To Our Kids About Money–Fox 59 News

Justincastelli.io: PRST & The US Olympic Breaking Hopefuls

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