Weekly Mixtape For June 13th, 2021

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S. Inflation Is Highest in 13 Years as Prices Surge 5%

The WSJ: Forget Going Back to the Office—People Are Just Quitting Instead

The WSJ: Cryptocurrency Comes to Retirement Plans as Coinbase Teams Up With 401(k) Provider

The WSJ: Winning Ticket to Join Jeff Bezos in Space Costs Nearly $30 Million in Blue Origin Auction

Morgan Housel: Play Your Own Game “Maybe they have a vague idea of their game, but they haven’t clearly defined it. And when they don’t know what game they’re playing, they’re at risk of taking their cues and advice from people playing different games, which can lead to risks they didn’t intend and outcomes they didn’t imagine.’

Calibrating Capital: Three Type Of Enough “Defining and implementing Emotional Enough isn’t nearly as clear cut, nor is it as easily measured. Instead of just starting with awareness, it lives almost exclusively within an ongoing navigation of awareness. Awareness of how we’re feeling, awareness of what input we’re taking in, awareness of how that input is impacting our feelings.”

Odaro Aisueni: Do Not Hire Me To Fill A Box “Actually spend time thinking about how you can make an impact in communities that are underrepresented. Go into it understanding that black kids are not dumb, and they do not need a “white savior.” They just need a chance. A lot of us did not have the same resources that our white peers did. Look at the difference in schools. I know it is easy to drive past “that side of town” passing judgment.’

A Wealth Of Common Sense: How To Hedge Against Inflation “My point here is the best way to prepare for terrible periods in the stock market is by staying invested over the long haul. The best way to offset periods of low real returns is by being invested during periods of high real returns.”

The Profile: Visualize Value’s Jack Butcher on Idea-Generation, Consistency, and Going Viral “My personal approach is “principles first” — so understanding the building blocks of knowledge that are necessary for someone to practice something effectively, and introducing them one at a time.”

Odaro Aisueni: What Jay-Z Taught Us About Investing? “Jay-Z is teaching us how to be a diligent investor, and that the greatest gift an investor can have is time. Whenever you have more time, it allows your investment to realize the effects of compounding. As time progressed, we see his investment doubled in size.’

Ryan Krueger: Uncommon Dividends Of Batting .285 “I think investment management and financial planning teams that adopt more of that upside down thinking will have uncommon success, as well. Rather than play against leagues of bullish or bearish homerun predictions, I’ll ask an un-crowded question they can both underestimate. What about a stock market that goes nowhere for a lot longer than most are planning for?”

Thomas Kopelman: How Much Should I Have In My Emergency Fund & Should I Invest it? “The goal is to be a long-term investor, have cash available in the short term for the needs you have, and hold on to your investments as the market goes up and down. You do not want to be forced to make drastic changes or sell at bad times because you did not plan accordingly. “


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