Weekly Mixtape for June 30th, 2017


Every Friday I’ll be releasing my own compilation, a mixtape if you will, of blog posts from the week I think are worth your time.

Is it really June 30th? It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the year–time to pick it up if you’re behind schedule on your goals.

This week was the West Coast version of the Evidence Based Investing Conference I attended last fall–regrettably I was not able to attend. It’s my goal to attend as many EBI conferences as possible because the content is outstanding, but even better is the opportunity to connect with many of the advisors I read and follow from afar. My trip to New York for the inaugural EBI conference was amazing, and I was humbled to spend valuable time with some of my industry’s greats. I was hoping to continue developing those relationships out west, but it didn’t work out this time around. Luckily, there were some great write ups (highlighted below) to keep me up to date with what was discussed and make me jealous not to be there at the same time. It looks as if I’ll be missing the fall edition in NYC, but with good reason–the birth of our third son. 2018 will be the year of EBI conferences for me.

Next week will be a short week, and I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July holiday!

Jason Zweig: Stock Picking is Dying Because There Are No More Stocks to Pick Stock picking has always been a hard endeavor, and Jason Zweig explains why it’s becoming even harder–helping to accelerate index and passive investing.

The Evidence Based Investor: EBI-My Conference Diary Summary 1 from the EBI Conference from Robin Powell, who know a thing, or two about evidence based investing. I look forward to meeting him in person at a EBI conference in the future.

Alpha Architect: A Few Highlights From Evidence Based Investing Conference (West) Summary 2 from the EBI Conference. The fellas over at Alpha Architect are always on my list of must reads, and in this summary we get Jack Vogel’s take on the conference. Another on my list of people to meet.

Pete the Planner: My Battle With Fitness Might Be Your With Money My second favorite subject to study is health and nutrition. I have yet to meet Pete in person, but I feel it is inevitable given we live in neighboring cities…just 20 minutes away. So while I do not personally know him, I appreciate the honesty about his struggle with fitness. He makes a great comparison to the struggles many have with finance, and in both struggles discipline and focus are needed to reach the end goal. When Pete and I finally get a chance to meet, maybe we’ll do it over a workout, instead of lunch!?!

All About Your Benjamins: Trust Your Process Trust. The. Process.

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