Weekly Mixtape For June 5th, 2022

“The headlines that may or may not be impacting your financial plan and portfolio.”

Solid Jobs Report, Fed’s Plan In Tact, No Inflation Help, & Lumber Prices Fall

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Week In Review Articles

CNBC.com: Payrolls Rose 390,000 In May, Better Than Expected As Companies Keep Hiring

The WSJ: May Jobs Report Keeps Fed on Track for Half-Point Interest-Rate Rises

The WSJ: Biden Says No Short-Term Fix to High Energy, Grocery Prices

The WSJ: Lumber Prices Slump With Rising Interest Rates

Jeff Rose, CFP® on Twitter: “The more times you say “no” the more often “yes” opportunities come out to introduce themselves. / Twitter”

The more times you say “no” the more often “yes” opportunities come out to introduce themselves.

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Different Kinds Of BS “Bullshit is the same. It comes in countless forms, some harder to spot than others. False modesty, projecting, double standards, hypocrisy, tugging at heartstrings – these aren’t lies; they’re subtle forms of bullshit, which is why they’re so prevalent.”

Morgan Housel: The Rich And The Wealthy “I’m always interested in the difference between getting rich and staying rich. They are completely different things, and many of those skilled at the former fail at the latter.

Taylor Mali: Totally Like Whatever, You Know “I entreat you, I implore you, I exhort you,
I challenge you: To speak with conviction.

Jack Raines: The Future Of You “To find the path that you should take, you need to actively avoid the paths that you know you shouldn’t take. This doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job on a whim. You do still need an income, after all. But this does mean you shouldn’t look for new opportunities on paths that present the same problems as your current one.

Our Tiny Rebellions: Cheese Fixes This “No one knows for sure where cheese came from. Old folklore suggests it was an accident, the result of storing milk in containers made from animal stomachs, which contained enzymes that caused the milk to coagulate and separate into curds and whey. This isn’t the most appetizing history lesson, but alas. The pioneers had to walk so Kraft could run.  

Dr. Phil Pearlman: Enlightenment Is Just Rediscovering “The universe is greater than we can fathom, filled with things we’ll never grasp, and our place in it is unknown.

Dr. Joy Lere: Field Of Dreams “When it comes to youth sports, somewhere, things went way off the rails. Competition and pressure started to crowd out fun and cooperation. Parents feel pressure to keep up with what they see their peers doing and, as a result, over-enroll their kids. In extreme (but not infrequent) cases, families are now spending most of their nights and weekends at events, hemorrhaging thousands of dollars, and traveling around the country year-round to set their child up for “success.” Adults reason, ” For my child to be competitive, this is what we have to do because everyone else is too.” Unfortunately, in many cases, overscheduled childhoods hurt more than help.”

Jazon Zweig: An Old Way To Fight Inflation Gets New Fans “These examples suggest why price controls have nearly always failed during peacetime. During national emergencies, people will put up with not being able to haggle, waiting in line to get a fraction of what they want and even being hauled in front of a review board of nosy bureaucrats.

A Wealth of Common Sense: Compounding In The Stock Market Is Messy “This is why you need to play the long game. A long time horizon can help smooth out any poor timing you may have through either mistakes or bad luck.”

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