Weekly Mixtape For March 23rd, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Market Rebound Reaches Crossroads After Latest Rally

The WSJ: Stocks, Bond Yields Fall Amid Anxiety Over World Economy

NPR: Stock Indexes Drop As Bond Market Flashes Recession Warning

The WSJ: Fed Keeps Interest Rates Unchanged; Signals No More Increases Likely This Year

The WSJ: Bitcoin Is in the Dumps, Spreading Gloom Over Crypto World

The WSJ: Robert Mueller’s Report on Trump-Russia Probe Delivered to Attorney General Barr


The Reformed Broker: Second Chances Are Important “My whole life is a second chance. I spent the first half of my career on Wall Street working on a succession of pirate ships, went through hell to escape and find a higher purpose in the industry, and then the next ten years very publicly atoning with the blog, the books, a million frank interviews and tweets and contributed columns.”

Morgan Housel: Death, Taxes, And A Few Other Things “You can be an optimist and say living standards will keep improving, which I think is likely. But you can’t say that people will feel proportionally better off, because the goalpost will always move up with improvements in living standards.”

Humble Dollar: What I Value “A war is raging. On one side of this conflict is the individual and, on the other, society and culture. To the victor goes your attention and your money.”

Of Dollars And Data: We All Make Mistakes “Most of my mistakes have come outside of the realm of investing.  Though now I am very extroverted, I should have been more social in college.  I should have minored in computer science.  I should have started weight lifting earlier in life.  I should have cared more about my health/nutrition.  I should have been a better brother, a better son.  I should have understood myself a decade ago, but I didn’t.  There are lots of things that I should have done, but maybe that is a part of the process.”

BPS and Pieces: The Investor’s Cheat Sheet

A Wealth Of Common Sense: The Market Won’t Provide High Returns Just Because You Need Them “Increasing risk in a portfolio can increase returns but it also increases your range of potential outcomes. There are no guarantees that taking more risk automatically increases returns.”

The Belle Curve: The Easiest Decade For DIY Investors “I think one of the riskiest times to be an investor is immediately following huge gains. We tend to get overconfident, make mistakes, and suffer blind spots.”

Howard Lindzon: Dear College Students (And Parents) Treat your time in college like a cash lottery windfall. You can take a few fliers (partying, sleeping in, bad diet), but respect it enough to position yourself properly for the decades ahead.”

All About Your Benjamins: Advisors Behaving Badly

All About Your Benjamins Whiteboard Series: The Inverted Yield Curve

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