Weekly Mixtape For March 30th, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Stock Market Rally Trips on Global Growth Fears

The WSJ: U.S. Stocks Rise, Notching Best Quarter Since the Crisis

The New York Times: Brexit Goes Back To Square One As Parliament Rejects May’s Plan A Third Time

The WSJ: The 4% Mortgage Is Back

The WSJ: Lyft Shares Surge in Public Debut



A Wealth Of Common Sense: Personal Finance For Normal People “I’m sure there are benefits for young children learning a second language and all that but why do we make this a priority but don’t teach them the language of finance?”

Morgan Housel: Different Kinds Of Information “Permanent information is what teaches you what to do with expiring information.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Eye Roll “Young people should instead say yes to everything because you just never know what doors might be opened for you.’

Douglas Boneparth: Generational Buying Opportunity “Let’s move on from treating and talking about GBOs as the silver lining to events we’d likely never see again and focus more on what’s in our control today. You can start by engaging in financial planning, increasing your savings rate and cash reserves and, most of all, better understanding yourself and your behaviors. Then, you’ll be ready when a good opportunity arises.”

BPS And Pieces: Benign Myths In Financial Advice “Perhaps there are some rules of thumb, or other common tactics regularly used by FAs that might not hold water intellectually but can still lead to better results for the client.”

The Evidence-Based Investor: The Myth Of Average Returns “Active managers offer only the prospect, and a very faint one at that, of long-term outperformance. Only a tiny fraction of active managers beat the market over the long term on a cost- and risk-adjusted basis. The overwhelming likelihood is that if you invest in an active fund you will end up with lower net returns than if you in a low-cost index fund.”

The Reformed Broker: Non-Partisan “The other day, I learned that financial protection for mom and pop investors is a partisan issue. There’s actually one party in favor of a wolf in sheep’s clothing approach and one party in favor of defending the financially unsophisticated from those wolves.”

All About Your Benjamins: West Coast Bound

All About Your Benjamins: Talkin’ Shop With Peter Lazaroff, CFA, CFP®

All About Your Benjamins: Talkin’ Shop: Content Is King With Taylor Schulte, CFP® and Blake Street, CFA, CFP®

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