Weekly Mixtape for May 12th, 2019

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Trump Issues Tariff Threat and China Considers Pulling Out of Talks

The WSJ: U.S. Slaps Higher Tariffs on Chinese Imports as Trade Talks Resume

The WSJ: Stocks Bounce Back, Close Higher as Investors Weigh New Tariffs

The WSJ: Uber’s High-Profile IPO Upsets With Weak Debut


Morgan Housel: Degrees Of Confidence “So even when you’re confident you prepare to be wrong, with room for error and humility. That gives you confidence that you can survive long enough to bet on the next thing you’re confident about.”

Humble Dollar: My Sentence “Rejection does not equal failure, nor does acceptance guarantee success.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Financial Superpowers “Contentment and satisfaction with what you have in life may be a more worthy goal than happiness. Find me someone who is content with their life and I’ll show you a person who is truly wealthy.”

Michael Policar: Pain “Your gratitude will give you strength. Your gratitude will allow you to see clearly while your judgment may be obscured by outside influences. By being intentionally grateful, seeking things to be grateful for, you’re winning at life. Sometimes it’s hard to be grateful. Sometimes it seems like nothing is going our way. That’s when we need gratitude the most. Find it. Internalize it. Become grateful.”

The Irrelevant Investor: A Not So Terrible Retirement Report

Bob Seawright: A “Triple Track” Of Razors “Therefore, our strongly held positions aren’t truly debatable — they’re seen as objectively and obviously true. After all, if we didn’t think our positions were true, we wouldn’t hold them. And (our thinking goes) since they are objectively true, anyone who makes the effort to try should be able to ascertain that truth.”

Douglas Boneparth: It’s Correlated “Just like understanding how investments interact with one another helps reduce investment risk, understanding how the dimensions of your life interact reduce the risks we encounter on a daily basis. Ultimately, understanding these relationships allows us to set better expectations for ourselves, which leads to more productive allocations of our time, money and energy.”

The Reformed Broker: You Couldn’t Dream Up A Sicker Lineup If You Tried “We have the cool kids from FinTwit talking about business development, everyone from Justin Castelli to Tyrone Ross to Nina O’Neal to Doug Boneparth to Blair duQuesnay.”

The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint: Avoid Burnout-Self Care

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