Weekly Mixtape For May 24th, 2020

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: The Job Market’s Long Road Back

The WSJ: Powell Says Fed Prepared to Use ‘Full Range of Tools’ to Support Economy

The WSJ: Rental-Car Company Hertz Files for Bankruptcy

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: The Three Sides Of Risk “This story isn’t unique. Many people reading this have had near-death experiences. Most have lost someone dear to them. And everyone reading this has made what seemed like know-nothing, inconsequential decisions that fundamentally reshaped their lives. Sometimes those fluke decisions are positive. Sometimes they’re negative. But they’re always out of the blue, unforeseeable. It’s just how life works.”

The Reformed Broker: Three Things You Can’t Do “So what is the answer? Support what your children’s teachers are trying to do in any way you can. Never empty a dryer that has a fitted sheet in it. Use trends to make determinations about what condition the markets are in for tactical strategies, without getting hung up on classical definitions in the moment.”

Khe Hy: How To Supercharge The 80/20 Rule “The 80/20 rule abounds in all dimensions of our lives.’

Humble Dollar: Setting Boundaries “Being aware of our shortcomings is the first step toward overcoming them. The second is taking action.”

Christopher Clepp: How To Put Life On Crusie Control “Taken away the need to worry about the accelerator. You have made one decision to put on the cruise control and the speed is taken care of for you, freeing you up to enjoy the drive a little more. Life is a lot like that. The more decisions and responsibilities you can take off your plate the better your ability to enjoy that which is around you.”

Of Dollars And Data: Why Failed Predictions Don’t Matter “Despite my cynicism throughout this post, there is a silver lining in all this.  That silver lining is that people don’t care about your failed predictions because they don’t really care about your failures. “

Douglas Boneparth: Cram Session “Reopening the country is similar to individuals who get started too late on planning for retirement. The primary risk here is that these folks no longer have time on their side. A few bad years in the markets or an ill advised investment can’t get smoothed out over an economic cycle or two. When time is no longer on your side, you’re faced with making tough choices and sacrifices that you wish you didn’t have to make but will inevitably have to. You can’t turn back the clock. There is no do over.”

The Irrelevant Investor The Beginning Of The End? “The stock market behaved as if today was the beginning of the end of our battle with COVID-19. Time will tell.The market doesn’t always get things right, and we have a long way to go, but it’s nice to have at least a glimmer of hope.”

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