Weekly Mixtape For May 9th, 2021


Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: U.S. Employers Added 266,000 Jobs in April as Hiring Slowed

The WSJ: Millions Are Unemployed. Why Can’t Companies Find Workers?

The WSJ: Yellen Says She Isn’t Predicting Higher Interest Rates

The WSJ: Americans Can’t Get Enough of the Stock Market


Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: The Limits Of Investing Sanity “The other is that if an investment might have potential to go higher, somebody, somewhere, will test it to find out. People’s desire to get rich far exceeds the number of easy and obvious opportunities. So if you put up a sign that says “there might be an opportunity in this box” somebody will always open the box.”

Khe Hy: Why Having Enough Feels So Elusive Enough is both exciting and terrifying. For the same reason. No one can tell you what’s enough. There’s no formula, no framework nor book to read to get you there. And that can be daunting. But that also means that the definition of enough is not purely a function of money. It’s why there are plenty of very happy people who are time rich yet asset poor.

Of Dollars And Data: Two Bets For The Next Decade “Fortunately, we don’t need to have strong predictions about the future in order to build wealth. As long as you believe in continued human progress across the globe, you will likely be fine. You can bet on that.”

Elliott Appel: Market Timing—Why It Does Not Work And How To Avoid It “Have you ever been driving on the freeway, traffic starts to slow down, the car behind you pulls out of your lane to what appears to be a faster lane, that new lane slows down, and then they try to get back in your lane? They continue to swerve between lanes, always chasing the one that appears to be faster, but it almost always puts them behind you. Meanwhile, you continue in your lane, amused by this person’s foolish actions, and watch them stressfully and unsuccessfully go in and out of the lanes, only to end up stuck behind a long line of traffic as you cruise by.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: How To Lose Money When The Stock Market Is At All-Time Highs “If you own a handful of individual stocks that are getting killed at the moment, understand this is how it works. Investing in individual stocks is hard. Large drawdowns are more frequent. Bigger gains are possible but so are bigger losses. There are times when investing in index funds will make you feel like a fool. Then there are times when investing in individual stocks will make you feel like a fool. Pick your poison. Nothing works always and forever.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Three Types Of Investors “There are three types of investors: those who know nothing, those who know some things, and those who know everything.’

Those Kopelman: 11 Biggest Mistakes Millennial Parents Make With Their Finances “Prioritize the important things first! It’s way easier to find room in the budget when it’s saving for something you truly value.”

All About Your Benjamins: The Pursuit—Speak It Into Existence

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