Weekly Mixtape For November 21st, 201

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: House Passes Roughly $2 Trillion Social Spending and Climate Bill

CNBC.com: Job creation roars back in October as payrolls rise by 531,000

CNBC.com: Jobless claims little changed in potential sign that layoffs have hit a plateau

The WSJ: Ford, GM Step Into Chip Business

The WSJ: Copy of U.S. Constitution Sells for $43.2 Million as Crypto Group DAO Is Outbid

The WSJ: Peng Shuai: What Happened to the Missing Chinese Tennis Star?

The WSJ: Are AirPods Out? Why Cool Kids Are Wearing Wired Headphones

Weekly Mixtape

Morgan Housel: Experts From A World That No Longer Exists “But most things evolve, and evolve faster than people’s beliefs. It’s a tricky thing that leads to a long history of older generations whose success came from understanding the new rules of their era not recognizing that the rules may have changed again.”

Lawrence Yeo: The Nothingness Of Money For most people, the Nothingness of Money strikes when the finish line is a few yards away. A terminal diagnosis is delivered. An appointment is made at a hospice center. A deathbed is prepared. In this moment, a pursuit that once seemed all-consuming fades into the background. All that matters are the memories you have, the people you love, and the memories you can still make with them. The use of your finite time to squeeze out an extra dollar is laughable, as no one with a sound mind would expect that of you.”

Of Dollars and Data: The Most Important Decision In Life “As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to realize the importance of these kinds of decisions and I regret not investing even more in them when I was younger. I regret not paying more attention to values earlier in a relationship. I regret not being as cognizant about what I want. I get that this is a learning process, but it’s always so difficult looking back and realizing your mistakes now”

Dr. Joy Lere: Closing Time “Many people spend a lifetime going hard and fast so they can finally slow down, but the closer they get to the finish, reality can start to look different than it appeared far in the distance.’

Jay Clouse: Upgrade Your Heroes “When your heroes are workaholics on accelerated timelines…you tend to create the same experience. And that doesn’t make allow for much of that living stuff.”

Dr. Phil Pearlman: Preparing For Change “But I’m writing this post in November, because Preparing for Change is critical and the lack of preparation is one of the reasons people fail.”

The WSJ: Fix Burnout–Without Blowing Up Your Life “But you don’t have to quit your job to combat burnout. There are ways to self-assess, work with your manager and improve your mental health.’

Remotely Interesting: This Popular Remote Work Advice Is Wrong (And You’re Probably Following It) “The goal of most office spaces was not to create the most effective place for their workers to do their job but to fit as many workers into one space. One desk, one person. This is why the horrendous open office floor plan became so ubiquitous.”

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