Weekly Mixtape For October 13th, 2019

Week In Review Articles

The WSJ: Stocks Climb on U.S.-China Trade Talk Progress

The WSJ: China Emerges With Wins From U.S. Trade Truce

The WSJ: Finding Meaning in Quantitative Easing

The WSJ: GE to Freeze Pensions for 20,000 Workers

The WSJ: Mastercard, Visa, eBay Drop Out of Facebook’s Libra Payments Network

The WSJ: The Race to Zero Commissions

Of Dollars And Data: What’s Your Delta? “Hellmuth understands that even when he is down, there is still time to improve things.  That’s the beauty of life.  Most of us get more days.  Most of us get more chances to improve ourselves and the world around us.  This is just one hand out of many.”

Calibrating Capital: Successful Success “Rather, I want you to think about what your own unique understanding of success is for your own unique life. Once you know that, you can then begin intentionally building towards that life – and have something to measure against to determine if you’re ‘successfully successful’.”

Bob Seawright: First-Rate Intelligence On many days, all too much of the time, we’re delusional, lazy, short-sighted, partisan, arrogant, easily distracted confabulators. Whether we’re looking in the mirror or into our souls, we usually see only the best version of ourselves. In effect, we often hold up a picture of who we like to think we are or can be, point to it, and pretend it’s what we look like.”

The Retirement Field Guide: Designing Your Days In Retirement “My point in telling you this is, your success is and should be specific to you. There is no one right way to do retirement.”

Khe Hy: What’s Your Gazngus Pin? “A gazingus pin is any item that you just can’t pass by without buying. Everybody has them. They run the gamut from earbuds and tiny screwdrivers to shoes, pens, and chocolate kisses. So there you are in the mall or online, a shopping robot on your weekly tour of the stations of the crass. You come to the gazingus pin section and your mind starts cranking out gazingus pin thoughts. (…) And before you know it, an alien arm (attached to your body) has reached out and picked up (or clicked on) the gazingus pin, and off you go to the checkout, still functioning like a windup zombie.”

The Irrelevant Investor: Tell Me What You See “How we approach the market is more a reflection of our personality than anything else. Some people view this chart as a reason to be hopeful, others see it as a reason to always be cautious. Both views are justified.”

Alex Chalekian: It’ Time “Raise your voice, using whatever medium makes you comfortable. Sweep nothing under the rug. Shine a light. Channel your frustrations. Support your friends and be true to your values. Our industry needs you.”

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