Weekly Mixtape For October 20th, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The WSJ: Dow Closes Higher on Strong Earnings Reports

The WSJ: U.K.’s May Urges Europe to Use Creativity to Break Brexit Impasse

The WSJ: Canada’s Legalization of Marijuana Offers a Test Case for Other Countries

The WSJ: Sears Closing Stores Is a Blessing for Some Landlords, a Curse for Others


A Wealth Of Common Sense: How To Stay In The Game “Most of the time doing what’s necessary to stay in the game requires accepting minor setbacks to avoid major ones.”

Morgan Housel: Haste Makes Waste “Growth is good, if only because runts eventually get eaten. But forced growth, accelerated growth, artificial growth – that tends to backfire.”

Of Dollars And Data: What Is Your Financial Tipping Point? “This is why knowing your lower and upper tipping point are so important for your psychological and financial well being.”

Jamie Catherwood: A Bountiful Harvest “When you are tempted to buy the next flashy IPO because the last one you considered rose 100%, make sure that you’re not destroying an entire forest for one season’s harvest.”

Fervent Finance: Where’s The Good News? “Upbeat articles and ones that report good news are hard to come by. Why? Because fear generates clicks and clicks generate revenue.”

Brendan Mullooly: The ETF Disease “While ETFs and index funds are generally a great tool for investors, they are not panacea. Investors still need to behave well or they risk forfeiting the cost and tax advantages these funds tend to offer.”

Barry Ritholtz: The Next Financial Crisis Is Staring Us In The Face “As memories of the crisis fade as the economy recovers, we find the seeds of the next crisis are already being planted. They are the exact same issues of debt and mismanaging risk and not understanding our own limitations. Failing to learn from our prior experiences, we seem doomed to repeat them. We only have ourselves to blame.”

Morgan Housel: Rube Goldberg

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: The Behavioral Investor With Dr. Daniel Crosby

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: Atomic Habits With James Clear

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