Weekly Mixtape For July 7th, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

The Wall Street Journal: U.S., China Dig In for Long Trade Fight as Tariffs Take Effect

The Wall Street Journal: Hiring Strong In June; Unemployment Rate Rises as More Enter Labor Force

The Wall Street Journal: Embattled Pruitt Resigns as EPA Chief

The Wall Street Journal: Fed Expects To Keep Raising Rights, Ending Years Of Stimulus

The New York Times: Neymar And The Art Of The Dive

CBSsports.com: 2018 NBA Free Agency Tracker: LeBron, Cousins Are Locked In, But Plenty Of Quality Players Remain


All About Your Benjamins: Ben Carlson Might Be Having The Best Week Ever! A trifecta this week from Ben Carlson giving you a wealth of common sense!

Morgan House: Immeasurably Important “Measuring what worked in the past is a science. Understanding why things are different now is an art.”

Of Dollars And Data: The Privilege Of Knowledge “The only thing that will always be true in investing is that risk and reward are intrinsically linked. If you reduce risk, you give up reward.” 

The Irrelevant Investor: The Sharks Are Circling “I’m sure some people were bailed out by this type of cash-infusion arrangement, but this is bullshit. Sending checks to people that are desperate for money and then charging them 30% interest is not right. I don’t care if it’s disclosed in the fine print or whatever. And then making them pay 20% on top of it to cover the lender’s attorney costs is some demonic behavior.”

The Reformed Broker: “Pandora Doesn’t Go Back In The Box, He Only Comes Out” “I don’t really think there’s any “winning” something like this, it’s really just a question of how much is lost, and for how long, and what the unintended consequences of something this aggressive might be.”

Peter Lazaroff: How Markets Work “People tend to respect the power of supply and demand in markets in their everyday life, but that respect seems to break down when it comes to financial markets.”

Certifiably Financial: Do You Know Where Your Money Goes? “In June, I was able to save 48% of my take-home pay (the amount deposited into my bank account), or 31% of my gross pay (not including 401(k) contributions).”

ESPN.com: Is Brad Stevens More Valuable Than A Superstar?

The Wall Street Journal: Big Tech’s Hot New Talent Incubator: Community College

All About Your Benjamins: No Buy July

All About Your Benjamins: My EBI West Rundown

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