Weekly Mixtape For March 31st, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

CNBC: Good Riddance To The First Quarter

Wall Street Journal: U.S. Annual Inflations Posts Strongest Increase In Nearly A Year

Bloomberg: Walmart-Humana Sounds Wild, But Makes Sense

Wall Street Journal: Bitcoin’s First-Quarter Play: Falling Back To Earth


A Teachable Moment: Ring Life’s Bell “I want our clients to ring their own bell. Conquering their fears and overcoming any obstacles that will prevent them from living life to the fullest.”

David Perell: Pursue What Is Meaningful “The pursuit of what’s meaningful grounds our roots in long-term aims, and not the desires of the day or the textures of the time. What is expedient works only for the moment. It’s immediate, impulsive and limited.”

Of Dollars And Data: Ask Yourself Why “Chasing riches without knowing why you truly want them is a surefire path to lifelong misery.”

The Financial Bodyguard: It’s Not Hard To Make Decisions When You Know What Your Values Are

Fervent Finance: The Passionate “Sometimes turning your passion into something you’re trying to make a living from can make that thing not a passion anymore. It can become stressful, overwhelming, and make you resent it.”

Above The Market: Pay The Price “The sad reality is that when market volatility seems oppressive, many investors bail. They say they simply cannot stomach the losses. That’s why the ‘behavior gap’ between investment returns and investor returns is so huge and so potentially damaging.”

The Reformed Broker: You Oughta Know: “So rising yields, even if initially painful, are actually the key to earning future returns from fixed income – they aren’t going to be the reason for losses long term.”

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