Weekly Mixtape for March 3rd, 2018

Week In Review Articles:

Wall Street Journal: If You Didn’t Sell Stocks This Month, You’ve Probably Got FOMO

Wall Street Journal: Fed’s Powell Says His Economic Outlook Has Improved

Reuters: “Trade Wars Are Good Trump Says, Defying Global Concern Over Tariff


Morgan Housel via Collaborative Fund: Obvious Things That Easily Escape Attention “Obvious things escape attention because attention is drawn to what it wants to see, or what it thinks makes the biggest difference, which often isn’t the obvious things because obvious things are viewed as too simple to make a difference.”

Of Dollars And Data: A Margin Of Safety “When it comes to investing, having a margin of safety increases the chance of financial survival and is arguably the most important (and difficult) investment rule of all.”

Farnam Street: 10 Principles To Live An AntiFragile Life “You have to be willing to look like an idiot in the short term to look like a genius in the long term.”

The Reformed Broker: Successful Investing Is Having Everyone Agree With You…Later “Two ways – the first way is to buy what you believe to be good stocks and hold them for a really long time. The good ones will go up enough so that the bad ones don’t hurt much. And the bad ones have a chance to eventually become good as the people who run the companies figure out what they need to fix.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense: Some Finance Phrases I Find Annoying “One of the oldest tricks in the book for good financial salespeople (and those in any industry really) is to talk over people’s heads using jargon that makes it hard for others to understand them. Jargon is the often the preferred method of the financial community to make themselves sound more intelligent.”

Andrew Miller via Alpha Architect: Who’s Afraid Of A Big Bad Bear? “Because of the terrifying nature of market declines, one of the valuable services an adviser should provide is help in selecting an asset allocation that suits their client’s investment objective and risk preferences.”

All About Your Benjamins The Podcast: Episode 9 Factor Investing With Corey Hoffstein

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