Weekly Mixtape for September 8, 2017

Every Friday I’ll be releasing my own compilation, a mixtape if you will, of blog posts from the week I think are worth your time.

It never fails short work weeks always seem to be the busiest. But I’m not complaining–it was full of client meetings, meeting new prospective clients, my first webinar, and my first guest appearance on a podcast; if only every week was like this.

In addition to the excitement surrounding my firm, I was also able to get out to the Indianapolis CFA Society luncheon to hear Ben Carlson (@awealthofcs) speak. If you’ve been reading, or following me on social media, for any amount of time you know I’m a huge fan of Ben’s work–both written and in the industry. So, getting to hear him speak and a chance to say hello was a highlight of the week…oh, and not only did I get to talk with Ben, but I finally got a chance to meet Tadas Viskanta (@abnormalreturns) as well; that’s two of the first five writers I read each morning at one lunch. It took a lot of constraint not to fanboy out and ask for selfies with each.

I hope your week was as productive and exciting as mine…and if not, we’ve got a new week coming up! Despite the shortened work week, there was no shortage of great writing.

Hope you enjoy!

The Reformed Broker: They’re Coming For Your 401(k) If you are employed, this title should grab your attention. For most investors, the 401(k) is their second largest asset, their house being the largest. This is not the first time there have been rumblings of changes to 401(k)s, but they rumblings always remained just that–rumblings. We are living in a time where strange things are happening, and with an administration focusing on tax reform, maybe a change actually could happen?!? Josh does a great job explaining the importance of the 401(k), along with some of the risks to the retirement picture in America if investors lose the incentive to save in their 401(k)s. We’ll have to keep an eye on this as Washington continues to work on tax reform.

ETF Trends: Global Synchronicity: Positive Earning Mirroring Positive Economic Trends This one’s a little more technical than usual, but it is a good reminder to remain a global investor, and not fall victim to home country bias in our portfolios. You can revisit an old post of mine about home country bias.

Medium: How Irrational Labs Creates “Irrational” Bonuses Despite the negative articles written about us, Millennials are creating change in business–everything from the way business market to Millennials to the way employers are restructuring their business models to appeal to Millennial wants, i.e. work-life balance. A company by the name of Irrational Labs, whom I had never heard of prior to reading this post on Medium, created a new approach to providing bonuses to their employees, which is directly in line with the type of things Millennials are interested in. To any business owners reading, you need to be thinking about stuff like this. To any young professionals, there are companies out there aligning themselves with you, it may take some time to find them, but they are out there…don’t settle!

Morgan Housel via Collaborative Fund: The Four Fundamental Skills of All Investing Morgan needs little introduction on here…read this post and the next post together.

A Wealth of Common Sense: 36 Obvious Investment Truths See above…replace Morgan’s name with Ben.

All About Your Benjamins: Whiteboard Series-Market Corrections Did you know I am building a nice little library of videos on YouTube?


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