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One Rope–Onramp Launch Day

This past Tuesday was one of the most memorable days of my career.

I made my first post-Covid flight to San Diego early Monday morning to be at Onramp Invest HQ for the official launch of our platform for financial advisors.

As a company that is structured much like blockchain technology, decentralized, Launch Day was the first time most of the team had been together in the same place. We live in Slack. We see each other daily in Google Meets. We have team members in California, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Canada–I’m sure I’m missing somewhere. But for a few days, a majority of us were in San Diego with the rest of the team connected via video conferencing.

It was magical.

We’re reminded every day in Slack of the opportunity in front of us–we have the opportunity to change impact the world. We are building a company that is going to bring the business of financial advice into the future. But, Onramp Invest is bigger than the technology we are building and Onramp Invest is bigger than cryptoassets.

Our reach and impact will extend beyond the financial advisors who use our platform–the platform is just a means to an end. Onramp will impact the clients of our financial advisors beyond their portfolios. Onramp will impact the communities of the conferences we attend thanks to our donations of money and time. Onramp will impact the hearts of anyone who follows us by inspiring them to find ways to give back and help someone in need. Onramp will impact our peers in the business world to stand for more than maximizing profits. Onramp will impact the world.

Every day our CEO, Tyrone Ross, signs off his motivational message with “One Rope”. I wasn’t with Onramp for the genesis of the saying but it didn’t take long to understand its meaning. Whether you want to think of our mission as a game of tug-of-war or an attempt to move a previously immovable object by tying a rope around it, the end message is the same. The Onramp team has what might seem like to some an insurmountable challenge in front of us. But, if we all hang onto the rope, if we all work together, and if we all pick up the slack for others when they need it we will succeed.

There’s no letting go. There’s only one rope. And there’s room for you on this rope.

Despite the success of Tuesday’s launch, you can see some of the press below to see the noise we made, we’re just getting started. We’re not the traditional Fintech company. From the decentralized structure of our team to the strategy we used for our launch to the ultimate goal for our company there’s nothing traditional about us–and that’s by design.

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Onramp Press

WisdomTree Announces +Crypto Model Portfolios for Advisors in Collaboration with Onramp Invest which features Gemini Integration (GlobalNewsWire, Yahoo Finance, Street Insider, WisdomTree, Omaha World Herald)

Onramp Invest Launches Crypto Education and Connectivity Platform for Registered Investment Advisors (Business Wire, My Tech Decisions, Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Associated Press)

Advyzon launches crypto integration for advisors, Onramp Invest partnership (Street Insider, Globe News Wire)

Onramp Invest debuts crypto asset management for RIAs (Investment News)

Tyrone Ross Launches Cryptocurrency-for-Advisors Fintech Startup (Financial Planning Association)

Onramp Invest Launches Crypto Platform for RIAs (ThinkAdvisor, CompsMag, BollyInside)

Onramp Invest Brings Crypto To Advisors With Advyzon Integration (Wealth Management)

The Onramp Launch Day Playlist

No big event would be complete without a playlist.

I never went into a basketball game, even pick-up runs, without having a playlist put together to get ready to play. Music has and will always motivate me, so I decided a playlist for the biggest day in Onramp’s short history needed a playlist. I asked the team to send me some of their favorite songs–ones that motivate them, ones that encompass the excitement of the day, and ones that speak to the effort being put in by everyone. Naturally, with me as the DJ the playlist is heavy in hip-hop–I don’t know of any other genre that speaks to the grind of a startup and motivates that hip-hop–but you’ll also find some soul, R&B, EDM, and more.

Of course, this playlist requires an Explicit Lyrics Warning. Now that you’ve been warned, enjoy!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

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