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New York Times: Networking + Community

This morning I came across an article in the New York Times that I thought would be a good read for my friend Nina O’Neal; the article covered a women’s’ group trip and the networking, self-care, and safe space that was provided to the women. If you did not know, Nina is the founder of the Female Advisor Network and recently held a similar weekend “un-conference” for the network…you can learn more about the FAN here.

While reading the article, I came across a few quotes I wanted to share because they speak to the existence of The Advisor Growth Community™, a private community for financial advisors that Taylor Schulte and I recently launched with a phenomenal group of 50 financial advisors. As we prepare to open the AGC™ back up in January, I continue to come across advisors underestimating the power of being a part of a community of others with similar goals and vision for the future–it’s not an echo chamber, as we all have different business models, clients, philosophies, and expertise, but we all care about doing good work for our clients, blazing the trails for the future of our profession, and growing as individuals.

The first month has been tremendous and far exceeded my wildest dreams and we’re witnessing the same experiences described by the women in the article:

“Being a founder can be really lonely,” said Lisa Barnett, a founder of the baby food company Little Spoon. “This is a rare opportunity to be around other women who get what I’m going through. Not many people get it.”

“Everyone in the room had an endgame, but they also seemed to be looking out for each other.”

“Networking has such a negative connotation,” Ms. Philipps said offstage. “To me, networking is just like, balding white men who sell insurance in a bad hotel somewhere. But the truth is that a sense of community is vital to accelerating your goals. It is imperative that we talk to one another, that we compare notes, stories and dealings with people, so that we can make sure that everyone is getting paid what they’re worth. That is how you rise.” (Empahsis mine)

One more time…”but the truth is that a sense of community is vital to accelerating your goals.”

I agree.

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