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The Advisor Growth Community™ on The Human Advisor Podcast

In late October I made a trip to LA to meet up with AGC™ co-founder Taylor Schulte and visit the Altruist HQ in Venice to record an episode of The Human Advisor Podcast. If you’re not familiar with Altruist, it is a Fintech company making waves amongst the Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) space—they are offering a platform for advisors to better serve their clients, a beautiful user-experience for clients, and the lowest trading costs around. I suspect you’ll hear more about and from Altruist in the future.

The Human Advisor

In an effort to not only help advisors with their technology, the folks at Altruist have also launched a tremendous podcast called The Human Advisor, which highlights the human behind the advisor giving a personal look at some of the brightest and best financial advisors out there.

The Human Advisor Podcast is hosted by my close friend Tyrone Ross and in this episode, we were treated to an appearance by Jason Wenk, the founder and CEO of Altruist. Jason has become someone I admire and look up to for what he has been able to accomplish in his career and for the way he has done it all, so having him on the podcast with us was a huge bonus for me.

Check out our conversation with Tyrone and Jason and learn more about The Advisor Growth Community™ as we get to share parts of the story and vision for the community for the first time publicly.

If you’re interested in learning more about the AGC™ and the upcoming enrollment you can visit the website at or sign up for an informative webinar on the 9th at 12:00 on

or listen to it:

Human Advisor Podcast: Growing Together Through Community

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