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What You Should Focus On Financially in 2020

In the first episode of Inside Advisors’ Minds, I’m joined by a few of my friends at the Indy XYPN Meet-Up to discuss what we hope our clients and individuals will focus on in the new year when it comes to their finances. It’s the time of the year where we start setting goals and often times those goals include improving finances and you might be surprised at what these advisors hope you take into consideration with your goals.

Quick housekeeping: as I briefly explain in the video Inside Advisors’ Minds it the rebrand of Talkin’ Shop. Going forward videos with financial advisors that are for financial advisors will live on a new website,, and will take over the title of Talkin’ Shop. If you think about it, that makes more sense–a video for advisors about advisor-focused topics is actually us talking shop. A video for clients and the public of advisors talking about client-focused topics is you getting a chance to see into the minds of great financial advisors.

Thanks to everyone who hopped on camera to share some wisdom–I know not everyone is comfortable on camera, and I really appreciate you stepping out of your comfort zone–that is where growth is found.

I hope you enjoy!

Financial Advisors:

Doug Rotman

True Wealth Stewards


Isaiah Douglass

ID Financial Planning And Wealth Management


Russ Ford

Wayfinder Financial


Thomas Kopelman


Treavor Dodsworth

Sycomore Financial

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