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Entrepreneurial Lessons From YCharts CEO Sean Brown

I’ve been a long time user of YCharts, so when Sean Brown, the CEO of YCharts, said he wanted to come down to visit and record a podcast for The Advisor Of Tomorrow Podcast I said yes–without hesitation. Since I had him in my office I thought I’d record a new episode of Inside Advisors’ Minds and have Sean share some lessons he’s learned during his entrepreneurial journey.

As I mention early in the video, entrepreneurship is one way to jump-start or make up ground in a financial plan; yes, entrepreneurship doesn’t come without risks, but building a business is one of the greatest ways to create wealth and change the trajectory of a financial plan. Sean has started and been involved with a number of startup companies and is an entrepreneur down to his core, and he was very generous to share some lessons he’s learned and advice for entrepreneurs in this episode.

I especially enjoyed the end of our conversation where we discuss exposing our children to entrepreneurship.

Twitter: @Sean_YCharts


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