3, 2, 1…go!


The CrossFit Open is upon us! For CrossFit junkies, today is the day we’ve been anticipating for almost a year. For non-CrossFitters, today is just another day…February 25th, 2016.  But for CrossFitters, it’s the start of an opportunity to see our improvements over the last year of workouts, along with the weaknesses we need to improve upon. If you’re not familiar with the Open, allow me to introduce you to what will be consuming your CrossFitter friends’ lives the next 5 weeks.

During the Open, you will be able to find us in front of our computers at 8:00 PM EST each Thursday to see the week’s workout; this is when we get to see the torture Dave Castro, the CrossFit Games Director, is going to put us through. The workout is announced and then completed by some of CrossFit’s elite athletes.  We’ll spend the next 4 days completing the workout, multiple times, to eek out every rep possible because scores are due Monday night. We’ll check the standings Tuesday to see how our friends scored, and to see how we rank amongst the world’s 270,000 (in 2015) competitors. Rinse and Repeat until the Open is over.

The purpose of the Open is to narrow down the field to the athletes who will qualify for Regionals, which will produce the athletes going to the CrossFit Games this summer. This process is unique because it allows the everyday CrossFitter to compete with the “professionals” that end up on ESPN. We all start with the same workouts and have the same opportunity to move forward, but we quickly realize what type of athletes the Games competitors are when we see them beat us by 100 reps.

I used to have aspirations of making a Regionals team, but I’ve realized I can’t uphold the commitment required to reach that goal. My gym boasts both individuals and teams that went to Regionals last year, and I’m not even close to those athletes. It’s humbling working out alongside them. So, for me my goal with the Open is to improve upon last year, and to be one of the fittest financial advisors in the country.

I’ll post the weekly rankings, along with the workouts for those who want to follow along.

For more insight to the CrossFit Open: Games.Crossfit.com


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