Weekly Mixtape for February 10th, 2018

  Isaac Presley via Enterprising Investor: Good Financial Adviser/Bad Financial Adviser “Good advisers know when to say “no” and have the courage to stand on principle. Bad advisers take orders from clients, even when those orders may be damaging to their long-term financial well-being, just to keep them with the firm.” The Reformed Broker: The Best Hedge There Is “The best hedge…

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All About Your Benjamins The Podcast, Financial Planning

Money, Marriage and Communication with Angela Castelli (004)

In the fourth episode of All About Your Benjamins The Podcast I am joined by an extra-special guest, my wife, Angela Castelli. Ang and I have a candid conversation about the importance of communication within a relationship when it comes to household finances. We’ll discuss why communication is the foundation to successfully managing finances, the topics to discuss, and some…

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Mixtapes, Vlog

Weekly Mixtape For February, 3rd 2018

  Morgan Housel via Collaborative Fund: It’s Hard To Predict How You’ll Respond To Risk “An underpinning of psychology is that people are poor forecasters of their future selves. There is all kinds of research backing this up. Imagining a goal is easy and fun. Imagining a goal in the context of the real life stresses that grow with competitive pursuits is hard to do,…

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A Little Market Perspective

Well, the market just closed with the US indices all down between 2.0% and 2.5%. I have no doubt you’ll see headlines with “violent”, “tanking”, “plunge”, and “the ‘n’th worst day” over the weekend, but before you panic when you see the Dow Jones closed down 665 points, I want to offer a little perspective. Note: I highlight the Dow because…

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Financial Planning, Millennials

My Crew Rolls Deep

Well, it’s not a crew in the sense we all work together. In fact, members of the XY Planning Network, work independently from each other, but we are a crew, nonetheless–a crew of over 500 financial advisors. We all have our own firms, serve different clients, but are all connected by a common characteristic: the desire to help young professionals…

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Podcast Appearances

A Guest Appearance On The Living With Money Podcast

I’ve mentioned numerous times how impactful Twitter, specifically FinTwit, has been on my career; it has allowed me to connect with advisors all over the world, and without FinTwit I would not have had the chance to join Tim and Tom Mullooly, of Mullooly Asset Management, on their new podcast… In November 2015, I attended the Evidence-Based Investing Conference in New York…

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