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My Crew Rolls Deep

Well, it’s not a crew in the sense we all work together. In fact, members of the XY Planning Network, work independently from each other, but we are a crew, nonetheless–a crew of over 500 financial advisors. We all have our own firms, serve different clients, but are all connected by a common characteristic: the desire to help young professionals who are often overlooked by traditional financial advisors. I’ve known about the tremendous talent in the XY Planning Network, and now, thanks to The New York Times, the public gets to learn more about the advisors behind this movement.

How I Came To Be An XYPN Member

Unlike many XYPN members, I joined XYPN after I had launched my own firm. I was introduced to the network by another advisor after telling him about a new subscription model for young clients I was rolling out. He asked if I was a member of XYPN and I told him I had never heard of it. I immediately looked up the group and saw numerous similarities between the advisory relationship they encouraged advisors to use and my firm:

  • CFP® Professionals
  • Fiduciary relationship
  • Monthly subscription model
  • No asset minimum
  • Virtual relationships
  • Working with Millennials, in addition to clients of all ages

Prior to joining the XY Planning Network, I had a number of older advisors tell me young professionals (aka Millennials) were not the demographic to build a business around; instead, I should focus on continuing to work with the Baby Boomers I already had as clients and grow with them. There was no doubt I wanted to continue to work with Baby Boomers, but I also wanted to work with my peers, and after finding the XYPN, I had a community that shared my vision. Not only did the advisors in the network share the same vision as I did, but many of them were having tremendous success, which gave me further confirmation I was heading in the right direction.

The XY Planning Network is focused on Gen X and Y, but that does not mean they discourage their members from working with the older generations. In fact, they encourage and celebrate advisors working with both young and old. I actually had the opportunity to join one of the founders, Alan Moore on the XY Planning Network Podcast to talk about my barbell approach to working with my clients.

In addition to a tremendous community, XYPN has a sweet technology suite for members to use in their firms, should they choose. While the technology discounts are a great benefit for advisors, the real value of the XYPN extends beyond the savings–it’s the community, the crew. I don’t stay a member of the network for the discounts; I stay because I want to be a part of the organization responsible for the movement to provide access to a fiduciary financial advisor to people of all ages, stages of career and needs. I upped my level of commitment to this movement by joining the Advisory Committee last year and have the opportunity to work alongside Michael Kitces, Alan Moore and others. The momentum behind the XY Planning Network is strong, and this crew ain’t going nowhere.

Check out what the New York Times had to say about The XY Planning Network and check out some of the talented advisors in our network.

The New York Times: Yes, You Can Find A Financial Planner Even If You’re Not Rich

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