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Young, Fun and Financially Free with Leanna Haakons (008)

In the eighth episode of All About Your Benjamins The Podcast, I get the opportunity to talk with Leanna Haakons, the founder of Black Hawk Financial. Leanna has taken her experience consulting with various investment companies to helping wealth management firms communicate better with their clients. In addition to helping firms educate their clients, Leanna has also written her own educational book, Young, Fun and Financially Free.

We spend most of our time discussing her book, particularly focusing on the areas most personal finance introductory books miss. And yes, we even manage to work in the topic of fitness in our conversation…the streak continues!!

I really enjoyed getting to talk with Leanna. We covered a lot of ground and important topics for not just young professionals, but anyone looking to get a better grasp on their financial situation.

I hope you enjoy!

iTunes: All About Your Benjamins The Podcast Ep. 008

Show Notes:

Twitter: @leannanblackhawk

Instagram: @leanna_hawk

Black Hawk Financial Website

Young, Fun and Financially Free Book

Young, Fun and Financially Free Bonus Worksheets


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