Weekly Mixtape for February 17th, 2018

Week In Review Articles

Wall Street Journal: Russians Charged With Interference In U.S. Election

The New York Times: What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings



Jason Zweig via Wall Street Journal: Meet The Guy Who Gets Financial Advisors Appearances At Harvard And West Point Investors Beware!

Morgan Housel: Making Sense vs. Being Right “People tend to care about something making sense more than they care about something being right.”

A Wealth Of Common Sense; Decision Regret ” Basically, there is always going to be something you can look back on with regret in regards to your money decisions. Sometimes you sell an investment that continues to rise. Other times you hold on and watch it come crashing down. Then there are all of those investments you failed to make which saw crazy gains.”

Of Dollars And Data: It’s All Relative “This is just as true in investing where you and I will experience the same market event very differently because of our biases, our personal investment history, and other ideas that have shaped our worldview.”

Newfound Research: Should Your Dollar Cost Average? “Dollar-cost averaging versus lump sum investing is often a difficult decision fraught with emotion. Losing 10% of an investment right off the bat can be a hard pill to swallow. However, the case against DCA is backed up by empirical evidence and many theoretical arguments.”

Andrew Thrasher: Where Equities Could Potentially Go From Here “As we move into a new week I’ll be very interested to see how price moves and if traders become eager to step back in and retrace a piece or all of this technical-driven decline or of more weakness is on the horizon as loose hands continue to get shaken out.”

Los Angeles Times: If You’re Under 40 You Should Be Hoping For Another Stock Plunge “The probability is stocks will increase over a long period of time. The probability is that stocks will do better than bonds because bonds are less volatile and less prone to fear and greed influencing the price. All these things are pieces of evidence. You’re constructing portfolios that are based on things that are not true every day but are true over long periods of time.”

Tim Mullooly: Waiting On The High Schools To Change “We can’t expect these younger generations to make sound financial decisions if we don’t supply them with a solid financial foundation to build on.”

All About Your Benjamins: More Brute Force (H/T Nick Maggiulli)

All About Your Benajmins: Drake God’s Plan


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