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Listener Questions (015)

On the fifteenth episode of All About Your Benjamins The Podcast you’re stuck with just me!

Before you decide to skip this episode, I’m answering some great questions from listeners, and I’m hoping to be able to do this periodically as more questions come in…send them to me at contact @ allaboutyour benjamins dot com or on Twitter, @Jus10Castelli.

In the first listener Q & A episode, I’m answering questions about:

  1. Coffee and intermittent fasting
  2. One tip for someone finally making “real money”
  3. Three things young families should have to help put their finances in order
  4. How much life insurance someone needs
  5. Active vs. passive management
  6. Whether or not now is a good time to get into the markets
  7. How a pension might impact how aggressive an individual can invest

As you can see, they are great questions and I really enjoyed working through them. Not only can you listen to me answer the questions, but you can also watch me as I record this episode on The All About Your Benjamins YouTube Channel.

I hope you enjoy!


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Show Notes:

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