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Genti Cici, CFP®, CAIA, MBA: StandUp For Financial Literacy

The lack of financial literacy in America is a well documented issue, and while many financial advisors discuss the statistics, few have built their firms to really make an impact. I briefly learned about Genti Cici’s mission at the Inside ETF’s Canada conference this summer as he and I spent about 30 minutes talking between sessions. I found out that he was also going to be at the Wealth/Stack and made plans to sit back down with him to talk more and record a video; after our video, I knew we needed more time and that a podcast episode was necessary.

Genti is the founder of StandUp Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor in Maryland, and has made it his mission to bring financial literacy to the masses. He has created a financial course, a free financial planning program, and have even travelled the U.S. in an RV giving free classes on the basics of finance to college students. Genti has put his money, time, and energy where his mouth is when it comes to financial literacy.

Be sure to follow Genti, check out his free resources, and either give them a try or pass them on to those who could use them to improve their financial lives. I hope you’ll help me spread Genti’s mission, share his work, and help more people find his resources.

I hope you enjoy!

Twitter: @GentiCiCi

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