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Kyle Van Pelt: FinTech, The Future Of Financial Advice, and Iron Man

(041) I knew when Kyle offered to fly out to Fishers to see me we would have a day filled with great conversation and record top-notch content. I had no idea the videos we’d record would be so good that I’d have to make a podcast out of them. With nearly 35 minutes of important information, I was afraid many people would miss out on the conversations with the videos just on YouTube. So, for the first time, the Talkin’ Shop series crosses over to the podcast world.

Kyle offers a unique perspective as he has been immersed in FinTech (Financial Technology) for a number of years and as a strategist for Black Diamond (a well-known and respected advisor platform), he is very involved in working with advisors and many other FinTech companies that integrate (and possibly will integrate) with Black Diamond.

If you are a financial advisor, you will definitely want to pay attention to the FinTech he is most excited about, along with his vision of where the profession is heading. Also, keep in mind he is not an advisor, but a potential client telling you what he would like to see.

If you are not a financial advisor, you should be excited about the changes currently taking place in the financial advice space and even more excited about what’s coming. I also think you should consider how you would like to see technology improve your financial planning and relationship with your financial advisor. Some financial advisors will embrace FinTech and others will not…depending on your preferences, you may be forced to change advisors.

If interested, you can check out the conversations on the RLS Wealth Management YouTube channel via this post.

I hope you enjoy!

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