All About Your Benjamins The Podcast

Meeting Of The Minds At Dana Point Podcast

At the IMN Global Indexing and ETF conference in Dana Point, a group of talented financial professionals got together in a hotel room for an impromptu conversation about the current state of financial services, the future, improvements we’d like to make, and what excites us the most about our profession. You may have seen all or parts of the video, but here it is in podcast format.

Below are all of the professionals, their Twitter handles, and company websites.

I hope you enjoy!

Courtney Ranstrom / Trailhead Planners

Perth Tolle / Life And Liberty Indexes

Emlen Miles-Mattingly / Gen Next Wealth

Dasarte Yarnway / Berknell Financial Group

Alex Chalekian / Lake Avenue Financial

Stephen Nelson / The Athlete Investor

Taylor Schulte /

Scott Frank / Stone Steps Financial

Tyrone Ross, Jr. /

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