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Project One Question: The Inside ETFs Conference

The future of financial services is very bright; there’s a lot to be excited about: The technology. Access to information. The people. And more.

I’m not the only one optimistic about the future–while at the Inside ETFs conference this week I managed to grab nineteen of my friends and asked them all the same question, “When you think about the future of our profession, what excites you the most?” As you’ll hear, this All-Star lineup has a range of reasons they are excited for what the future holds advisors, investment professionals, and clients.

Thank you to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedules to share their answers; I’ve linked to everyone in the order they appear in the episode so you can follow them or learn more about how they are contributing to the profession.

I hope you enjoy!

My Friends

Josh Brown

Tyrone Ross Jr.

Brendan Mullooly

Barry Ritholtz

Douglas Boneparth

Sarah Newton

Michael Batnick

Bill Sweet

Peter Lazaroff

Phil Huber

Perth Tolle

Brad Sherman

Jennifer Wappaus

Adam Butler

Mike Philbrick

Ryan Kirlin

Jack Vogel

Kali Roberge

Corey Hoffstein


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