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Talkin’ Shop: Brendan Mullooly, CFP® And Preparing For The Great Wealth Transfer

It’s an honor to get to speak at any conference, but it’s extra special when I get to share the stage with a good friend–this time it was Brendan Mullooly. This week I was fortunate enough to participate on a panel at the Inside ETFs Conference in Hollywood, Florida. The conference was a tremendous experience, and I’ll be writing more about that in an upcoming post, but for now, I want to get into this episode of Talkin’ Shop.

On Sunday, Brendan and I watched another friend of ours, Kali Roberge, present about the importance of creating content for financial advisors; it’s safe to say that both of understand this message—we hear it loud and clear. Kali was followed by Ric Edelman, a legend in our profession, and as he reaffirmed everything Kali had presented, I looked at Brendan and asked if he wanted to go create some content.

Knowing that we would only have limited time during our panel to talk about how our firms are positioning ourselves to be ready to help young professionals and families with the upcoming transfer of wealth that will be occurring, we decided to have a quick conversation about why and how we are doing so. Rather than waiting for the transfer to occur, our firms are helping young professionals today to help them become financially stable and ready for the future well before any inheritances might come—they don’t just need help when they inherit wealth, they need help today to start building their own wealth!

If you’re an advisor and will be passing through the Indianapolis area, hit me up on Twitter and I’d love to have you swing by for another episode of Talkin’ Shop…you might want to be prepared to grab a workout as well!

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