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Project One Question: Wealth/Stack 2019

Wealth/Stack has been well covered–I did my own summary here, so there’s no need for me to revisit how great the conference was. While I was in Scottsdale, I managed to record another Project One Question episode for All About Your Benjamins The Podcast. If I’m being honest, I failed at this episode…not because what you are about to listen to or watch is not good. It’s quite the opposite–it’s outstanding!

This episode could have been even more amazing if I would have managed to get more people on it; if you were at Wealth/Stack and we had a chance to speak, you know my voice was shot after the first day–nonstop talking and dry desert air are not a good combo (you can hear it a little with Bill Sweet). And not only did I not have a voice to ask my question, but there was so much going on that it was hard to grab people and pull them away from the networking or learning they were doing. In fact, I almost scratched the episode until Josh Brown called me out in his opening remarks (it’s queued up for you), but after he showed that love I had to go forward with it, and I’m glad I did.

For this episode of Project One Question, I pulled from George Kinder, who is the godfather of life planning, and asked everyone his third question, “If you found out today was your last day, as you reflect back on your life, what would you do differently?” And not only did I ask my guests to open up and be vulnerable, but I asked them to do it in front of a camera.

I believe the future of financial planning is heading in the direction of life planning–that is creating financial plans that not only help our clients reach their long term “traditional” goals but also allow them to live the lives they want along the way. The goal is to create a plan…create a life…where we eliminate, or at least minimize, those regrets. It’s one thing to help a client reach retirement. It’s an entirely different thing to help them lead a happier and more fulfilled life WHILE reaching retirement.

If Wealth/Stack was about the future of financial advice, which it was, then it was the perfect place for me to introduce this question and way of looking at planning to other advisors and to those clients watching and listening.

Full disclosure: I am not an expert in life planning; I am trying to improve on getting deeper with the planning for my clients. Despite not being an expert, I see the future for financial planning and this is the future and I’m going to do my part to spread the word!

So, check out this episode with some of my friends and I think I’m going to try and do it again at another conference in 2020 and collect even more answers! Thank you so much to everyone who participated…I know it’s not easy to hop in front of a camera and be vulnerable, but I greatly appreciate it and I think your clients will as well. Check below the video for all of the participants and links to their social media or company websites. These advisors are the advisors of the future and I would recommend any one of them in a heartbeat…so if you’re in the market a new financial advisor, give them a look!

I hope you enjoy!

Bill Sweet

Dasarte Yarnway

Kyle Van Pelt

Nyle Bayer

Samuel Deane

Ashby Daniels

Tobias Carlisle

Michael Policar

Alex Chalekian

Brandon Ebert

Victor Orozco

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