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Tyrone Ross: Finding Purpose With OnRamp

This is an episode that has been in the making since Tyrone first joined me on the podcast back in 2018 –we just didn’t know it. Over the years Tyrone has joined me on podcasts and in videos to continue the conversation on bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and even the lack of representation in the financial services profession.

It’s been fun to watch Tyrone grow, expand his impact on the world, and ultimately take on the role of CEO at OnRamp. And I know he’s just getting started.

In this episode, we discuss how the opportunity to lead OnRamp aligns with his purpose, how it keeps him on his path of “destiny steps”, and what exactly OnRamp will do.

As a financial advisor who has been following bitcoin and digital assets since early 2017, I’m excited about the opportunity to incorporate bitcoin for clients with the right risk tolerance and goals. I’m also excited to be able to announce I am an investor in OnRamp, which is the company I referenced in my “How I Invest” blog post.

This is a great conversation about finding purpose, pursuing passions, and an up-and-coming Fintech company–I hope you enjoy!


December 26er Podcast

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